At GBUAHN we coordinate your care so that you receive the benefits you need. We help, listen, advocate, and are there for you when you need us most!


  • General care (dermatology, family medicine, imaging centers, urgent care, laboratory services, etc.)
  • Specialty care services (cardiology, general surgery, neurology, podiatry, etc.)
  • Medical Appointment Assistance
  • Care Management
  • Telehealth
  • Courtesy Transportation
  • Specialty Care Services
  • Wellness and Fitness Center
  • Nutritional Education
  • Language translation


Courtesy shuttles are usually reserved for resorts and airports — or sometimes even hospitals and ophthalmologists — but not anymore! 

GBUAHN now has a Courtesy Shuttle Van available to its members at no additional charge. If you need help getting here, not to worry, we’ll come to pick you up!

Our courtesy shuttle van is an outreach tool that ensures that our missed appointments are kept to a minimum as well as having a well-marked minivan driving around the neighborhood promoting GBUAHN, so everyone starts to know and understand who GBUAHN is and what we do.

We expect this simple service for our patients will be an integral feature of our overall service for the Buffalo community. It’s particularly useful during the blustery winter months in Buffalo when driving can be treacherous.

The vehicle is not equipped for disabled patients because of the liability issues involved, but we try to accommodate people who need assistance as best we can.

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