Member Satisfaction


After a GBUAHN member’s appointment, they may receive an automated survey, from a third party service called RevSpring, integrated with the electronic medical record asking them questions about their experience and health. The survey allows members to rate their provider satisfaction and asks if they would recommend the practice or provider to family and friends. Members choose a score based on a 100-point system.

Another survey that our GBUAHN members may receive after their appointment, comes from a service called Well iQ. These surveys ask similar overall and location specific satisfaction questions which members can rank from 1 through 5 (1 being ‘Very Dissatisfied’ and 5 being ‘Excellent’). These surveys are very important to us because it allows us to see what we are getting right while shining light on where we can improve.

Well iQ Overall GBUAHN Member Satisfaction Results

Well iQ Niagara St. GBUAHN Member Satisfaction Results

Well iQ Jefferson Ave. GBUAHN Member Satisfaction Results

Well iQ Main St. GBUAHN Member Satisfaction Results


Giving Thanks … Members of the wellness program thanked Dr. Vazquez for providing such extensive opportunities for Healthy Food and Exercise

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