G-Health Wellness provides members with personal training by Andre Neal, including cardio training, weight training, functional training, and exercise rehabilitation. Andre educates participants on how exercise reduces stress, depression, and smoking while improving participant BMI and A1C levels. Zumba and Yoga classes are also offered by certified instructors 1-4 times per week.

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Healthy Weight Toolkit (PDF) Healthy Weight Toolkit (Espanol)

If you’re dealing with substance abuse . . .

  • Our wellness center is open Monday through Friday. The environment encourages self-improvement, discipline, and healthy practices. Our coaches and dietician help provide structure to keep you on track towards sobriety.
  • Stress often leads to substance abuse. Adding in the structure of a balanced diet as well as regular physical activity can help reduce and/or manage stress so that substance abuse is avoided, and healthier skills are developed to manage wellness.
  • Exercise has positive hormonal effects that can help negate depression and anxiety—conditions that often lead people to abuse drugs or alcohol.
  • Exercise helps restore natural sleep habits that are often damaged by substance abuse.

If you struggle with your mental health . . .

  • Exercise releases dopamine—hormones that are associated with reward, and endorphins—known as the “feel good chemical” that can help negate depression and anxiety.
  • Exercise is one of the most effective and affordable ways to manage stress.
  • GBUAHN also offers dedicated space for yoga & meditation so members can spend time clearing their mind, relaxing, and practicing intentional breathing techniques to lower heart rate and blood pressure.
  • Our wellness center is an environment rich with encouragement, accountability, and community. Members engage with each other positively and congratulate each other on milestones big or small.
  • Open five days a week with both morning and afternoon sessions, the GBUAHN kitchen and gym are both great places to spend time in a meaningful and educational way.
  • Engaged members will develop a sense of accomplishment and pride!

If you are overweight . . .

  • Seeing significant weight loss is a product of both consistent and informed dietary and exercise changes.
  • Our dietary guidance is designed to be safe, sustainable, affordable, and easy to understand.
  • Our training space is designed to accommodate all sizes and ability levels.
  • Progress is measured and recorded regularly to help you stay on track toward your goals.
  • Weight loss takes pressure off joints, can improve metabolism, and results in a healthier Body Mass Index measurement.

If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic . . .

  • Daily availability to work with a trainer or independently allows for plenty of opportunities to engage in challenging and productive exercise—which lowers blood glucose levels.
  • Consistently lowering blood glucose levels results in a lower, safer A1C measurement.
  • Our nutrition classes provide education on low sugar eating habits, to specifically support our diabetic population.

If you suffer from hypertension/high blood pressure . . .

  • Guided meditation, yoga, and warm up practices emphasize intentional therapeutic breathing patterns, resulting in acute and long term decreases in blood pressure.
  • Regular, challenging exercise improves heart function, also lowering blood pressure.
  • Achieving and sustaining a healthy weight also supports heart health.
  • Stress management tactics help manage acute periods of high blood pressure.

If you simply want to pursue wellbeing . . .

  • Our wellness center staff is here to educate, and aid every member in pursuit of their goals.
  • Through holistic wellness (mental and physical), every individual has the potential to make incredible improvements to their health.
  • Our staff engages in regular continuing education to better serve our members and maintain an engaging, supportive, and educational environment.
  • Our staff includes experts and references to serve individuals from diverse backgrounds of different languages, ability levels, and goals.