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Our Telehealth Model


GBUAHN and GBUACO are embarking on a system that puts health care literally in the hands of their patients.

Pioneering what is to come in the world of medicine, the two organizations will be utilizing telehealth – which consists of a remote medical exam that imitates an in-office visit.

With telehealth, doctors, patient health navigators, and everyone involved in a patient’s care can efficiently work together, each in his or her location, speeding up an episode of care, and helping to avoid unnecessary emergency room and urgent care visits.

Our Telehealth Platform



  • TytoPro device with a high-resolution camera, no-touch infrared basal thermometer, digital stethoscope (with volume, bell and diaphragm filters), digital otoscope and tongue depressor adaptors
  • TytoVisit™ platform with Clinician Dashboard for conducting “exam and forward” and “live video telehealth exams,” plus EHR integration*
  • TytoApp
  • Earbuds
  • Robust hardware designed for everyday use
  • Extended warranty
  • AWS cloud storage, HIPAA secure


  • Extend specialist services to remote locations when needed such as schools, nursing, and home care facilities, clinics, employee work sites, urgent care, and EMTs
  • Get a quick and easy specialist consult
  • Examine, capture and share images with patients to explain the diagnosis and motivate treatment
  • Send exam data to EHR for continuity of care


  • Extend the reach of your specialists
  • Reduce readmission rates
  • Recover patient visits and revenue lost to ER or urgent care
  • Improve continuity of care
  • Motivate treatment
  • Improve patient satisfaction