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At GBUAHN we strive to work together with the community and services to give better care to our members. With a network of referrals, the flow to get members services that are much needed is now easily accessible. We can help our member as a whole with cooperation and collaboration.

GBUAHN will provide:

  • Comprehensive care management including processing Referral Forms, Fact-GP assessment, Patient Information Sharing Form (DOH-5055) and the PHQ-9 depression scale and monitor utilization patterns.
  • Monitor care coordination and health promotion across systems of care
  • Coordinate comprehensive transitional care from inpatient to other settings, including appropriate follow-up
  • Individual and family support, which includes authorized representatives
  • Refer Beneficiary to the community and social support services, when appropriate
  • Coordinate the use of health information technology to link services as feasible and appropriate
  • Refer individuals directly to our network providers for service eligibility determination/services based upon a screening of potential need
  • A copy of the Beneficiary’s Care Plan for individuals who receive Medicaid services and support
  • Notify the network provider via letter or email of any changes to the geographic areas served by GBUAHN